Kyiv, pr-t Heroiv Stalinhrada 10-A, korp. 9

Assistance of the Armed Forces

Support of the army and humanitarian missions

       Our goal has always been the development and improvement of infrastructure, including the creation of social facilities designed to increase the tourist attraction for guests and provide coziness and comfort to our fellow citizens, create recreational areas for rest and active pastime, development of sports infrastructure, etc. Since the beginning of the Russian military aggression in 2014, we could not remain aloof from the new public appeals caused by this aggression, therefore we cooperated with military and volunteer organizations, provided urgent assistance in the repair of machinery and equipment, assistance in the purchase of household items for the military, repair of equipment and mechanisms, and the purchase of necessary equipment.

       Unfortunately, on the very day of our company’s creation, when we turned 11 years old, on February 24, 2021, a full-scale invasion of the enemy began, this day divided life” into before and after, and instead of celebrations, our team directed all efforts to victory, someone joined the ranks of the armed forces and TRO, someone took up volunteering. From the first days, our equipment, depending on the purpose, was voluntarily involved in the construction of fortifications and roadblocks, in the evacuation of citizens to safe places and the delivery of necessary things to where they were needed, our domestic mobile premises were transferred to strengthen the defense lines, generators for life support communal structures of Kyiv

We purchased and handed over minibuses to the Armed Forces to perform tasks in hot spots

      We continue to help volunteer organizations and military units, according to their needs, with material and financial assistance, repair of equipment, and logistics

Ukraine will definitely win and then together we will rebuild our beautiful Motherland!